Bridging the Gap 2024 / 4. - 6. juni

Tech Week

Teknologihovedstadens viktigste møteplass.

More than just a conference

The conference will be in Norwegian, but live interpreting will be available; just bring your smartphone and headphones.

Join Norway's most important meeting place for innovation and technology!

In the next few years, Norway and the world will go through a major transformation; we must pick up the pace and cooperate more to reach our shared goal. This is why Trondheim Tech Port organises the conference "Bridging the Gap".

Our aim is to increase Norway's innovation power through closer cooperation and create new connections between different sectors. Therefore, the conference brings together entrepreneurs, researchers, business leaders, decision-makers and investors - all key players to unleash more innovation potential.

During the course of a day, you will be presented with cutting-edge technologies, learn from success stories, discuss challenges, and you will have plenty of time to build new networks and maintain old acquaintances. No challenge can be solved by individual actors alone – one plus one is always more than two. Together we will create solutions for the future.

Join Norway's most important meeting place too!


Since the Viking age, Trondheim has been world-leading within ocean innovation. We intend to keep that up.


We have a Nobel prize in medicine, but there are still challenges in need of solutions. We are making steps forward everyday.


The energy crisis and our climate goals won’t fix themselves. In Trondheim, we are working non-stop to come up with new solutions.


Trondheim supplies the whole world with incredibly advanced microchips, but we are far from being done!

Who is this conference for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Academia & research institutions
  • Startups & scaleups
  • Public administrations
  • Businesses
  • Policy-makers
  • Investors
  • Students

What to expect?

  • Interesting speakers
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • An interactive EXPO
  • Meet innovators and startups
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Expand your network

If you are interested in innovation and want to learn more about what’s going on in Trondheim, then YOU are also welcome! Make sure you follow us on social media to stay updated on speaker releases and a more.

Bridging the Gap: Trondheim Tech Port Conference 2023
Kobler innovasjonsaktører sammen
Mar 20, 2023 09:00 AM
Mar 20, 2023 04:00 PM
Olavshallen, Kjøpmannsgata 48, 7010 Trondheim

Se høydepunktene fra fjorårets konferanse!

En fantastisk feiring av teknologihovedstaden!
– Johanne Hosen
Thanks for a great event!
– Nysnø Climate Investments
Jeg har blitt inspirert, utfordret, opplyst, begeistret og provosert. Hva mer kan man ønske seg?
– Petter Westnes
Et sted hvor travle menneskene kan nyte en innovativ prat uten en låst agenda eller ett låst klokkeslett.
– Kent Rønning

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Trondheim tech port KONFERANSEN 2023


Når og hvor

Mandag 20. mars
Olavshallen, Trondheim