It’s finally time to meet again and bridge the gap… Let’s come together on the 28th of March 2022 and celebrate our newest technological achievements!

Trondheim Tech Port is striving towards being a world-class innovation district for a sustainable future. What better way to achieve this than by exploring, showcasing, and challenging innovation within the technological areas that Norway excels in?!

Yes, we are talking about health, ocean, and energy.

What gap are you talking about?

Innovation is very often the result of a joint effort originating from many different actors coming together in order to make it happen. We are talking about companies working together with public administrations, startups spinning out of academia, policymakers simplifying capital investing, and so on. It is important to remember how not all these connections are pre-made and set in stone.

This is THE GAP that we want to bridge.

We need to create pathways and relations to connect all these different parts of the innovation ecosystem so that we can innovate even more, while continuously nurturing and learning from the relations that already exist and innovate.

Join our conference! Meet other innovators. Hear about their successes. Expand your network. Have meaningful conversations with like-minded people.

Let’s bridge the gap!

Is this conference for me?

Do you work with tech or innovation? Are you a part of the innovation ecosystem or would you like to connect to Trondheim Tech Port and its members and actors?

Then this Conference is for you. At Trondheim Tech Port Conference you can meet your peers as well as people with a very different background than yours. Everybody is welcome, because that is the power of innovation, bringing people together from different sectors across the world.