At this innovation breakfast we will present key projects happening in the region right now, and how they will contribute to increased innovation in the ocean tech space. 

And while there is every reason to be optimistic about the future, there is still a long road ahead. To stay in the lead and solve big challenges everyone needs to play their part.  The big question is how can we ensure continued and increased collaboration, smart sharing of infrastructure and a thriving ecosystem that pulls together in one direction? 

From researchers and startups, to city developers and politicians: This breakfast is for anyone interested in how we can increase innovation, and how they can contribute. 

Projects being presented

  • Norwegian Ocean Technology Centre (NTNU & Sintef)
    Martin Ludvigsen, Professor NTNU and manager AUR lab
  • Development of the Nyhavna district (Strategic Forum Nyhavna)
    Ragnar Eggen, CFO of Clean Sea Solutions
  • Testination
    Frode Halvorsen, Manager Ocean Autonomy Cluster

You will also get a short intro to the current EØS project  “Ocean Technology Innovation Market Exchange for Dalmatia and Trøndelag” (OTIMEDT). 

Doors open at 8.30, with coffee and breakfast being served. The program runs from 9.00 to 10.00, and it will be possible to ask questions after presentations. And you are very welcome to stay to network and mingle after the event.  

Innovation Breakfasts are organized by Trondheim Tech Port in collaboration with Trondheimsregionen and Næringsforeningen i Trondheimsregionen.

Trondheim Tech Port often photographs and film our events, and as an attendee you might get potographed. The photos and films will only be used to promote Treondheim Tech Port, innovation breakfasts and Trondheim The Tech Capital, and will not be sold to others. Please contact us if you don't wish to be photographed, and we will try to solve the issue.